Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health care horror stories across the U.S.

Pauline Bartolone sent this:

I just came across your blog, hummingbirdminds, and I saw that you have been posting about health care reform. I am a video producer at Consumers Union,the publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, and I thought you might beinterested in some videos I've produced about residents in Wyoming and their access to health care.

Last summer, I drove around in an RV for 4 months gathering stories about everyday consumers' experience with the health care system. Wyoming was my favorite state in the lower-48! Seriously - it was just so beautiful!

Anyway here are a couple of the videos I did in Wyoming: Lori Donner in Cheyenne, who is uninsured with a thyroid condition. Go to And Ken, an electrician in Thermopolis, who is uninsured and retirement age. Go to

You can see the rest of the videos at:

Thanks, Pauline. Some hair-raising stories in Pauline's videos. Check them out. And keep working for a fair and just and affordable health care system.


bigfrank said...

You say "fair and just and affordable health care" which we all want and need to have changed in this country. But then you say you want the government to control and fund it? Cant have both.

Terra Sears said...

WOW, I knew if I kept looking I would find intelligent people in the equality state!

keep up the good work. Get the info out there!

Michael Shay said...

The thanks goes to Pauline and her crew at Consumers Union.

Brad the Builder said...

Interesting article. Well done

john said...

You definitely can have air and just and affordable health care with a government system. In Canada we have health care that is twice as good as what the average Americna has and it costs us half of what Americans pay. Canada pays $3600 per capita per year, Americans pay $7800 per capita per year for the American insurance-run and rationed health care system. The average Canadian, paying for health care through taxation, has $1200 a month more in his pocket than the average American who has to pay taxes+health insurance+deductables+copays. Having lived in both Canada and the US, and used both health care systems, I would choose Canadian health care over American insurance-run and rationed health care in a heartbeat. Canadian health care (government funded, physician-run, universal) has far better access, better quality, and better outcomes than the average American has with insurance-run and rationed health care.