Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wyoming delegation has no vision on Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

Families USA, a national nonprofit organization for health-care consumers, issued a report this week about estimates of state-by-state health-care gains under America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. The report was issued Tuesday, which was before Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Thursday that Congress won't be able to consider the legislation before the August recess.

The all-Republican Wyoming delegation seemed especially pleased with the delay. We don't want to rush into anything this big, they said. They all seemed ready to rush into stuff when their pal George W. Bush was president. To be fair, Cynthia Lummis was not our lone rep in the U.S. House. She just started after the 2008 elections. "Caution" and "status quo" are her bywords. Meanwhile, scores of Wyomingites are uninsured. All three members of our delegation oppose a public option, which means they oppose access to the same public option that they participate in as members of the House and Senate. This includes the junior senator from Wyoming, John Barasso, M.D. No Marcus Welby, our doctor from Casper. He cares more about insurance conglomerates than he does about his former patients in Wyoming. He should know better.

Here are the proposed gains when Congress gets around to doing its job:

37,000 Wyomingites are projected to gain coverage by 2013
59,000 Wyomingites are projected to gain coverage by 2019
51 million Americans are projected to gain coverage by 2013
54 million Americans are projected to gain coverage by 2019

Source: Families USA report "Coverage for America:
We All Stand to Gain"

For a story on this legislation's possible impacts on Wyoming, go to Michelle Dynes' July 22 article in Cheyenne's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.


jhwygirl said...

Thanks Mike. Good info.

Anonymous said...

Glad we voted for the change in Obama. He took the deficit that Bush doubled down (Democrats jeered Republicans cheered) and then in turn doubled Bush’s down (Republicans jeered Democrats cheered) shows just how both sides want to throw this country in the crapper. How are we going to afford health care? We are already paying so much in with taxes that we as a people along with this nation are broke. How many years is it until social security and Medicare alone take up 100% of the nation’s money? Then we will need to money for defense or nation building that Obama has taken the torch from Bush to work with. Where does this money come from? What happens when china calls all debt due? When can you run out of money and then to fix that you go and spend more get more in debt to get out of that position? Has that ever worked for you? Bush seemed to think it worked great with this 4 stimulus plans and Obama seemed to agree with him for he keep on doing Bush's work. Wow what great change! Printing more money for feel good legislation isn’t fixing any problems and just making bigger problems in the long run. Again this is what government does no matter who gets voted in.
When are we as a country going to see that it isn’t the Democrats, not the Republicans but both parties that are bankrupting this country. We the people need to step up together and get rid of all these yahoos that want to keep us fighting each other instead of fighting the spending of money this country doesn’t have and destroying us the people.