Sunday, July 26, 2009

One of our own holds up health care bill

When I say "one of our own," I refer to a Democrat from the Rocky Mountain West. You know, a man of the people. Not a puppet for lobbyists and insurance companies. Not a guy who kowtows to Republican Know-Nothings.

Here's the wording of a CREDO-sponsored petition that you can sign and forward to recalcitrant Congresspeople:

"Senator Reid, we write to you today about health care reform, which is one of the most important issues in America. We strongly favor a public insurance option like the one included in the HELP Committee bill, and it is crucial that the Senate pass such reform as quickly as possible. Sen. Baucus is attempting to delay the process and destroy the public option - please don't let him. Tens of millions of Americans are counting on you, and they can't wait until the fall for a vote on a bad reform bill. Tell Sen. Baucus to do the right thing, and do it now. Don't let the Senate go on vacation until it passes reform that includes a public option."

Sen. Baucus (D-MT), who's side are you on?

Please sign the petition now at


Anonymous said...

Why does there have to be a side? Why not the side for the people to be on the side of America? We should cheer those Democrats that stand up against their own party to shoot down legislation that is going to shoot down this county.

What was the revolution about this country fought? Wasn’t it for high taxes, representation government overstepping? Seems to be what we have had here for the past hundred years.

Michael Shay said...

Blue Dog Democrats like Baucus care more about blood money from insurance companies than they do about their constituents. Period.

bigfrank said...

Seems all elected officials like the money from lobbyist more than standing up for what the people that elected them want. It shouldn’t matter at all what party you belong to one bit when you are elected for you are to voice what the people want. From what I see the people of Montana wants nothing to do with government health care. Which they can look just north of the border and see how well that is working for the fine people of Canada and how much the government screwed that up and how bad the health care is now that they get.
But then again the Dems like to point at the Republicans and say it is their fault in turn the Republicans do the same to keep the people of this country chasing the tail and the elected ass clowns laugh all the way to the bank.
Something is wrong when we elected a person that is like us to go and represent us and when they do come back they have millions in the bank and living high on the hog.