Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's with these Western Dems and a reasonable health care plan?

JC at 4&20 blackbirds kicks ass with a post today about Mont. Gov. Brian Schweitzer's apparent about-face on the benefits of Medicaid payments to states and the efficacy of the Dems' health-care plan.

Here's a sampling:

Gotta better plan Brian? Or have you just turned into one of them naysayers. If ya got some cards, ya better lay em out on the table.

And this:

And if Montana (and other states) had a real health care plan, Congress wouldn’t have to act.

Ditto for Wyoming. No health care plan here. And Medicaid is a lifeline to thousands of state residents. Including my family, who benefitted from a Medicaid-funded program for teen mental health treatment. More about that later. But read JC's post here:


jhwygirl said...

Schweitzer, I've been saying for a while, is a DINO.

I've tried to explain this to people, but they have been so enamored in his personality, that they've failed to look at his policies. He's nothing different than old Judy Martz, and barely different than Marc Racicot.

Maybe this'll wake people up.

We're not done with him yet, either...don't know what he's gonna do, but you know he ain't going away.

Thanks for blogging this. It needs all the attention that it can be given.

Michael Shay said...

Wyoming has a Gov who often exhibits DINO characteristics. We need to ride herd on these Dinos.

Anonymous said...

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