Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Progressive radio gets great ratings

This was on the Square State blog out of Denver:

The ratings are in and after just over a year of being on the air in the Denver metro area, the Mario Solis-Marich show is kicking ass and taking names. For Men 18-34, Mario's show is Numero Uno from 4-7 p.m. This includes non-political talk like The Fan. They identify younger Obama voters as part of this success.

"There is a national movement to capture the airwaves and bring them back to the America's progressive majority," said Mario Solis-Marich. "We are lucky and grateful to have this huge endorsement from the heart of the Obama Generation."

I listen to Mario's show on my way home from work in Cheyenne every day on AM 760. I love the daily litany of wingnut audio clips We get the station's signal during the day but it fades at night. I tried to get a livecast from the station's web site, but it doesn't offer one. What gives, Mario?

By the way, I'm in the Obama Generation even though I'm double the age of the target audience. Just trying to be a hep cat....

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