Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lummis takes obstructionist role seriously

This comes from the WyoDems:

It looks like Representative Cynthia Lummis is taking her role as a member of the ‘Party of No’ seriously.

In fact, a recent story in Casper Star-Tribune notes Lummis’ vote against “nearly every major piece” of legislation that Congress has considered so far.

Perhaps that’s because, as Lummis says, after casting a vote for House Speaker on January 6, 2009, “…little else has mattered since...” []

“Little else may have mattered to Representative Lummis, but after four months in the House, Wyomingites are paying the price for Lummis’ ‘Party of No’ obstinance to legislation on job creation, health care and consumer protections,” said Wyoming Democratic Party Chair Leslie Petersen. “In fact, her constituents are quickly realizing that Cynthia Lummis doesn’t have new ideas or solutions to the challenges facing our country, communities, and families.”

In just four months in Congress, Lummis has racked up quote a record, voting

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