Saturday, April 25, 2009

New WyoDems Chair: The Doctor is "out of touch with reality"

Bill Luckett sends this press release from WyoDems HQ:

Wyo. Democratic Chair Petersen responds to Barrasso criticisms of President Obama

WILSON - John Barrasso's recent criticisms of President Obama are out of touch with the reality of a president who has lowered taxes on 95 percent of Americans and restored fairness to the tax code, Wyoming Democratic Party Chair Leslie Petersen said Friday.

Barrasso recently appeared on Wyoming Public Radio to launch several attacks on President Obama.

Furthermore, Petersen said, Barrasso's embrace of divisive partisan politics does nothing to further Wyoming's interests in Congress and represents a disappointing departure from the style of the person he replaced in the Senate, the late Craig Thomas.

"It was very disappointing to hear our freshman Senator abandon the moderation and civility of his predecessor, the late Craig Thomas," Petersen said. "Senator Barrasso ignored the fact that Obama's leadership has resulted in lower taxes for 95 percent of Americans and balanced taxes more fairly between the middle class and the very wealthy. We hope he'll stick to the facts in the future."

She said President Obama's many accomplishments in his first 100 days range from getting a stimulus bill passed to save the nation's economy from the brink of true disaster, to improving children's access to health care by expanding the SCHIP program, to signing the Lily Ledbetter Act, to ensure that women must be paid the same as men for the same work.

Congressional Republicans, meanwhile, have offered no constructive solutions and have contented themselves with obstructionist tactics, establishing themselves as "the Party of No."

"In the past three months, President Obama had fulfilled many of his campaign promises, greatly improved America's standing around the world, and taken necessary steps to repair the economic disaster left over from the Bush Administration," Petersen said. "John Barrasso, sadly, has offered no serious solution to any of our country's problems. Let's hope he will change his partisan tone and instead focus on working for the people of Wyoming."

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