Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Dem Chair supports Pres. Obama's higher-education plan

This is the second press release I've received from Leslie Petersen, the new chair of the Wyoming Democratic Party. Thing is, she's been in office for less than two weeks. Hope she keeps up the pace.

In this release, Leslie supports Pres. Barack Obama's higher education plan, which was presented on Friday.

Said Leslie:

“Students in Wyoming – like young people all across America – are struggling to cope with the skyrocketing cost of higher education. In recent decades tuition has grown ten times faster than a typical family’s income – putting an undue strain on families and making the cost of higher education too expensive for far too many.

“At the same time, students are competing in a global marketplace with countries like China and India, and we need to ensure that the American workforce has the tools to rise to the challenge. That’s why the President today announced a plan to make college more affordable and to continue his administration’s historic investment in America’s future.

“President Obama has already enacted legislation making the cost of college more affordable by making working families eligible for a $2,500 tax credit to help offset the cost of tuition, modernizing and expanding federal loan programs and reforming the Pell Grant program. The plan the President announced today to eliminate waste in the current loan programs and expand Pell Grants will help ensure that more students can afford college and that our system is as efficient as possible.

“As unemployment rises, a college degree is more important than ever. We must do
everything we can to make sure all eligible students can get the education they need to succeed. We are thankful that with President Obama at the helm, we are much closer to making the dream of an affordable college education a reality.”

If only our all-Repub Congressional delegation would get behind this plan. At one point, Sen. Enzi was a champion of education. But I suspect that the Know-Nothings in his party got to him.

We already know that Sen. Barrasso and Rep. Lummis are too busy sucking up to the wingnuts to be of any help on this issue.

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