Friday, October 17, 2008

Trauner & Lummis still tied (with Trauner showing a tiny lead)

Kos of Daily Kos reported polling data today that shows Wyoming Democrat Gary Trauner with a tiny lead over Republican Cynthia Lummis in the U.S. House race. This is a Daily Kos poll, so you Repubs can take it with several grains of salt. But the numbers by Research 2000 in a poll Oct. 14-16 of likely voters (margin of error 4.5%) shows Trauner with 44 percent and Lummis with 43 percent. Polling results on 9/22-24 showed a 42-42 tie. So, more voters are moving out of the undecided column and into the ranks of the decided.

Here are comments by Kos:

All of this is noise within the margin of error. Like the last time we polled Wyoming, the fate of this election seems to rest on the hands of Republicans, who sport a surprisingly high 21 percent undecided. And it's just this race that generates this kind of uncertainty. In the two Senate races and the presidential, all GOP blowouts, Republicans are quite decided on their vote (results for those races are in the crosstabs below the fold). Yet there's something about the House races that has them on the fence, seriously considering splitting their ticket.

Wyoming voters aren't adverse to ticket splitting, as the state's Democratic governor would attest. With no other high-profile Democrat on the ticket (like the governor's race in 2006), hopefully Trauner can be the recipient of that trend this year. The congressional term is only two years. They can always revisit their decision in two years.

So, if you'd like to make those numbers climb in the Trauner column, donate on the web at Trauner for Congress or ActBlue

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