Friday, October 17, 2008

Surprise: USA Today explores Wyoming's oil patch, finds strong McCain support

USA Today wrote about Wyoming in its series "50 States 50 Days," an attempt to get to all of the states and interview people about their views on the presidential race. In Wyoming, they focused on oil patch workers in Midwest and environs. All said they will vote for McCain. The reporter had to go south to Casper to find some Obama supporters. The story is pretty accurate, as far as it goes. My guess is that Obama finds most of his support in Cheyenne, Laramie, Rock Springs, Jackson, Lander, Casper and Sheridan. Not surprisingly, those are where the Democratic Party organization is strongest. Dem candidates for U.S. House and Senate are finding that to be true, too. Nick Carter of Gillette is running for Dr. John Barrasso's Senate seat. Wonder what kind of support he's finding in his home town? Gillette is the epicenter of the coal and coal-bed methane industry.

The USA Today reporter interviewed historian Dr. Phil Roberts:

"McCain will win, but it will be a lot closer than people think," says Phil Roberts, history professor at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. "My suspicion is a lot of Wyoming Republicans will sit it out. There's not a lot of enthusiasm for voting for McCain."

Roberts says he sees Wyoming Republicans as mostly business-oriented rather than driven by ideology, social issues or other reasons. He calls them Romney-style Republicans, referring to former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Read the entire story here:

The oil patch workers were more interested in the McCain/Palin philosophy of "drill, baby, drill" that anything else. Again, no surprise, but you'd think they'd be at least mildly interested in the economic meltdown that will affect their pocketbooks as much as the changing of the guard in D.C. Also, health care, foreign policy, education. Not a mention of any of those from the McCain supporters. Then again, McCain has few ideas other than "drill, baby, drill." If you had any doubts about McCain's bankrupt philosophy, go to this link and see what kind of sleazy robocalls are being made to your house by the McCain/Palin campaign:

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