Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Spit, baby, spit!"

Chris was home early from work today. I went by the store to pick up some gruel for dinner. So I was late getting to the scene of the crime.

"You just missed it," she said, as she and the dog and the cat streamed out the front door to greet me.

"Missed what?" I asked.

"Two guys in a blue pickup just came by and spit on our Obama sign."

"No kidding?" I looked at the sign. Seemed a bit damp, but still standing. I'm fond of this particular Obama sign because it's been in my yard since February, about a month before the historic Wyoming presidential caucuses.

As I brought in the groceries, Chris described how two white guys in their twenties pulled their faded blue pickup in front of our house. The driver leaned out of his window and hocked a big loogie right at the sign. The passenger was getting out of the truck when he saw Chris standing in our big picture window. He went back inside. As they sped off, Chris flashed them a peace sign.

"Could have been worse," I said.

"Maybe they were going to steal it," Chris guessed.

I have heard tales of yard signs for Democrats going missing. Barack Obama, Gary Trauner, Jim Byrd, Lori Millin.

But my sign is a lucky sign. It's going to bring victory to Obama in Laramie County. Spit or no spit.


mpage225 said...

Good job, Chris. So far my Obama and Jay Nixon (Governor) signs are safe and sound. With all the rain we have had would not know if someone had spit on them. Obama signs outnumber McCain signs 2-1 on our block-literally, there are 2 Obama signs and one McCain sign. The other Obama sign is in my next door neighbor's yard.

6 more days.


Michael Shay said...

My signs are for Obama, Nick Carter (U.S. Senate) and Lori Millin (state legislature). My Gary Trauner (U.S. House) sign blew away on Saturday night. At least I think it blew away as we had some terrific gusts.

Michael said...

It's a shame, really. Equality state indeed. I checked my signs this a.m. after the night life of Halloween. Happy to report they're all there.

Keep fighting the fight, Mike!

Anonymous said...

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