Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign getting interesting in Wyo. HD 8

A new postcard from Rep. Lori Millin came in the mail today. It shows her working in surgery. The text reads:

"Worried about health care? YOUR representative works in surgical scrubs! Re-elect Lori Millin. With her you can feel safe."

Lori represents me in the Wyoming State Legislature, House District 8. She did a great job during her first two years (2006-2008) and she'll do even better when she returns. I also prefer nurses to lawyers, especially Republican lawyers such as her opponent, Bob Nicholas. Lori beat Republican incumbent Dr. Larry Meuli in 2006 by nine votes. The closeness of the race required an automatic recount. Meuli's been a little ticked off ever since, it seems. The local paper had a letter from him this morning. It supported Republican Cynthia Lummis over Gary Trauner in the U.S. House race. He wrote: "I think substance should win out over presumptions and relative political neophytes every time."

In that case, shouldn't he be voting for Lori Millin over the presumptuous neophyte Bob Nicholas?

Just asking...

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