Saturday, October 25, 2008

Walking door-to-door for Jim Byrd (HD 44)

On a windy day in Cheyenne, Democratic candidates for the Wyoming House and Senate gathered at IBEW HQ to distribute materials for a door-to-door walkathon. The photo above shows Jim Byrd, Democratic candidate for House District 44. I walked the North Capitol neighborhood for Jim this morning. As leaves and twigs and Republican yard signs swirled around me, I must have looked like Pooh on that legendary blustery day in the 100-Acre Wood. You have to be creative on days like this. You can slip the door hangers between the screen door and the doorjamb. Or wedge it between the screen and the iron bars some people have. You just want people to see your material. By the way, I must have been following a crew from Republican Cynthia Lummis's U.S. House campaign. Thise doorknobs were getting pretty crowded. Also, I had to pick up a half-dozen dislodged Lummis door hangers and put them back in their place. You don't have to thank me, Cynthia. Any former Boy Scout would have done the same.

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