Friday, September 05, 2008


...and then there is change that is almost invisible to the naked eye.

"Change is coming," quoth John McCain to the Repub multitudes. He and his loyal minions are going to drive the moneychangers out of Washington, D.C., temples of government.

Why would the moneychangers want to banish themselves from power? Great questions. But that's what the McCain campaign says it will do if elected. Do you believe that?

Maybe what McCain meant is that "your change is coming," referring to all those 72 cent rebates (in celebration of his 72nd birthday) he promised to his contributors. "Where's my change?" ask the pink-faced Republican multitudes. "See my running mate," says McCain with that eerie smile of his. "She's the change agent."

As Jon Stewart mentioned on "The Daily Show" last night, what you see at the RNC is not always clear. The other night, the convention stressed "service." Conventioneers were handed signs that read "service" and then speakers spoke about service. But Stewart pointed out that Palin and Huckabee and others then went on to dis those people who actually provide service -- community organizers.

So Stewart assumed that the "service" signs were meant to get some food and beverage service for all those hungry and thirsty delegates in the Xcel Center stands. "Get your red hots here!" "I'll take three -- heavy on the mustard!"

The McCain-Palin idea of change is to get elected so that they can replace (or change location of) the current holders of the presidency and vice presidency with themselves. They will look differently, but sound and act and legislate the same. McCain, as senator, voted with Bush 95 percent of the time.

He seeks change with a very tiny "c" that will be almost invisible to most of us.

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