Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lots of gas, rising costs -- what gives?

In her most recent e-mail newsletter, veteran activist (and activist veteran) Nancy Sindelar posts news on a series of Heating Conference Town Meetings being held across the state. These meetings are part of Wyoming Energy Assistance Program. Many are concerned that the program will be overwhelmed with requests (and short on funds) this winter, when home heating costs are rising 30 to 70 percent. The Gov was on Channel 5 this morning talking about the program. I particularly like Nancy's pointed, embedded comments within the event listing. Take a look:

Thursday, September 11th, Casper, Douglas, & Wheatland: Heating Conference Town Meetings sponsored by the Public Service Commission. Find out why Wyoming is a major gas producer, yet our prices are almost doubled from last year. 1 1/2 Hour meeting with a member of the PSC and utility reps. 10 AM, UW Outreach Bldg., 951 North Poplar, Rm. 150, Casper; 1:30 PM, City Hall, Council Chambers, 101 North 4th St. Douglas; 4:30 PM, Town Hall Council Chambers, 600 9th St., Wheatland. Free, but it will cost. Info: 307-777-7427;

There are more of these town meetings set for Wyoming, including ones on Sept. 15 in Evanston and Kemmerer.


kainah said...

I'm sure Nancy will be happy to see her newsletter mentioned here. She works very hard on it. If you want to sign up -- she covers progressive events all over the state -- or if you have something you want her to include, you can contact her at sindynan (at) juno (dot) com.

sindy said...

I write the free weekly email list serve "All.Laramie" that covers Progressive issues, as a project of the Wyoming Peace Justice and Earth Center here in Laramie. Events open to the public for little or no cost are listed by date and location with contact info to increase awareness. If you want to subscribe or have an event that belongs, contact

With a bit of attitude,
nancy S.

Michael Shay said...

Nancy: I'm on your mailing list. Not only is yours the best progressive e-mail newsletter in the state, but the best there is. Lots of info on peace and justice issues/events. The arts, too. I know how much time and dedication this takes! And thanks for the 'tude.