Thursday, September 04, 2008

And Sarah Palin called Obama an "elitist"

In today's Huffington Post, Ari Rabin-Havt quotes a Vanity Fair article about the price of the glittery ensemble Cindy McCain wore to the RNC Tuesday night. Here are the figures:

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500
Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000-$25,000
Shoes, designer unknown: $600
Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100

I hope she thanked Laura Bush while they were on stage together. According to an analysis by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the McCains have received $313,413 thanks to George Bush's tax cut. If John McCain were President, she might have been able to add a bracelet to the ensemble. According to the same study under McCain proposed tax cuts they would have received tax breaks of $367,788.

It's nice to see that George Bush's tax cut for the rich has done some good. You wouldn't want to wear just any-old earrings to the Xcel Energy Center in front of 15,000 howling pink faces. Without the tax cuts, where would she be? Maybe wearing a cast-off pantsuit from Hillary Clinton, ringleader of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits. Or some old frock from Cindy's 10,000-square-foot clothes humidor in Scottsdale.


Anonymous said...

You should count your own money not others. Be happy for her that she is rich. You can be a rich if you will read a book called "The Secret." This book teaches you about positive thoughts.

Michael Shay said...

You've been watching way too much Oprah.

Lanny Porter said...


You and I are very much the same. I've never knowingly voted for a Democrat for national office -- and never will as long as the party remains in the clutches of the Fundamentalist Left.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What did you say? Please translate

Michael Shay said...

Anon.: I had to remove the previous post, not because it was in Chinese (or maybe Japanese), but because all the unreadable lingo contained links for suspicious businesses. Thanks for the head's up.

Michael Shay said...

Lanny: Ha, ha, ha. Fundamentalist Left. That's a good one.