Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who's got the tickets for Obama's big bash?

The Wyoming Democratic Party was overlooked when it came to tickets for Sen. Obama's big speech at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium Aug. 28. And why is that? Is it due to the two-to-one Republican registration in the state? Our measly three electoral votes? Our meager population? Did the DNC lose its map of the Rocky Mountain region? We are adjacent to Colorado, the convention state. In fact, many people consider Denver a suburb of Cheyenne. Coloradans got tons of tickets, but not us.

So, Wyomingites are going to have to work for them. Tickets (a.k.a. "community credentials") are available by calling the Denver Convention Wyoming Contact Number. According to the WyoDems web site, "that is the only way to be considered for tickets. Spread the Word!"

O.K., I'm spreading the word.

You need to e-mail or call (720) 362-2500 and leave the following information:
· Name
· Telephone number (including area code)
· E-mail address
· State where you reside

More info at

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Aaron said...


Like my blog,, HBM is a member of the State Blogger Corps. The selected state blogs will be able to use their credentials to get in on Thursday through the media entrance.
I know that doesn't help a ton of your readers, but fyi it looks like they might be giving SquareState Invesco credentials for all 4 of the people who are normally sharing our 1 Pepsi Center pass.
Meanwhile, I am earning mine anyhow and have signed up to do some volunteer shifts on a registration drive so I can get the VIP Volunteer seating.

Look us up when you are in Denver! Track me down and I'll buy you a beverage at a Drinking Liberally event.

Aaron Silverstein
director of internet outreach,