Monday, August 25, 2008

Now -- finally -- Day One at the DNC

The proceedings began at 3 p.m. or so. I was still trying to get off the DNCC bus which shuttled me and one cohort from the Denver Tech Center hotel that houses the WYO delegation. The drive was slow going behind the bus caravan taking the circuitous route through downtown Denver. We had a police guard on our bus -- recent retiree from the Department of Corrections but also a trained cop. He said that the driver had to follow a designated route or else. Not sure what "or else" meant. But I did see a lot of well-armed cops and Homeland Security people along the route.

The good news was that once we got to the Pepsi Center vicinity, we breezed into the secured convention grounds. What took me at least 30 minutes yesterday took 7 today. best to take the bus, especially when we have our own security guard. By the way, I had to ask if he was a Democrat. He said he was not, but his brother in Casper, Wyoming is. Yet another Democrat discovered in Wyoming!

Once I got inside the P.C., I saw former comedian and now Minn. Congressional candidate Al Franken. He's a lot smaller in person.

Howard Dean is at the podium now. Thus far, he has not yelled out in an unseemly manner. But there's still plenty of time for that.

Earlier, we saw Dave Freudenthal and Montana's Brian Schweitzer (sp?) in a film about the rising Dems of the West. Much talk about energy, too, the traditional in-the-ground variety and the new kind that is powered by wind and solar.

More later...

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