Monday, August 25, 2008

Launch Minus-One: DNC in Denver

And it ain't even started yet....

Sunday began (as I mentioned earlier) with an antiwar demonstration at the Colorado Capitol. More media members were present that protestors. One TV guy lugging a big camera said into his cell: "I'm here at the Capitol Building with a couple-hundred demonstrators. What do you want me to do with them?"

Not sure what the person at the other end of the line said. But I do know what the counter-protesters wanted to do to: shut up. As the sign of the warniks said: "Want peace? Then shut up and let us do our job." If only we knew what that job was.

A FOX News contingent arrived at the demonstration. A trio of three young guys wearing scarves over their faces and dressed in T-shirts, shouted: "FOX News go home!" And then: "Fudge the main stream media." Only they didn't say "fudge." In other words, "shut up."

With so many urging others to shut up, it was refreshing to hear Cindy Sheehan say "they won't shut me up -- don't let them shut you up." "They" were the "corporate entities and corporate political parties" that apparently control both parties, including the Democrats. Disabled Vietnam Vet Ron Kovic spoke out. "Dr. King said that a time comes when silence is betrayal." He urged the crowd to march together peacefully (they did) and not to let "them" shut you up.

"We will not go quietly into this dark American night," Kovic said. "We will not bow, we will not scrape."

He roused the crowd with a shout: "The Whole World Watching!" Not sure if that was a chant at the 1968 Dem convention, or the SDS at Columbia, or maybe the 1972 Repub convention in Miami where Ron was roughed up. It also was featured on a 1970 album by Chicago.

I am having a devil of a time finding wireless spots for my laptop. This morning, I'm at the local public library using a public access computer. Yet another reason to love libraries. Earlier, I tried to connect at a mall Starbucks but after several frustrating tries, the barista told me that I had to buy an AT&T card for two hours of Internet access. In a pinch, I would do that. But free computers are always better -- and more dependable.

Attended a breakfast meeting with the WYO delegation this morning. Everyone received their credentials and many briefings. The gavel goes down at 3 p.m. at the Pepsi Center where I'll be hooked up with an ethernet connection and won't have to search the skies for an AT&T satellite. Besides, we already know that the Pepsi Center has no wireless due to "security concerns."

See you at Monday's convention session...

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mpage225 said...

Mike, Tyler called to tell me about the Fox news guy and the protesters using the F word. There is apparently a YouTube on it. I told her, of course, that I had heard it here first.