Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet Wyoming's Dem line-up for Denver

With the Democratic National Convention in Denver only eight days away, I thought it would be a public service to provide a list of those people representing Wyoming Democrats on the national stage. Although it seems like a pretty long list, I assure you that these are not the only Dems in the state. There are a few others staying behind, keeping the homeplace safe for western-style liberalism.

Here's the list, courtesy of the Wyoming Democratic Party web site:

The first 12 people listed here are the 12 PLEDGED delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Those positions were awarded to the candidates based on the presidential preference votes at our March 8 county caucuses and our May 24 state convention. Of those 12, Obama won seven and Clinton won five.
DISTRICT-LEVEL DELEGATES (7 total): Rey Fuentes (Obama), William Neal (Obama), Sara Burlingame (Obama), Jacquelyn Bridgeman (Obama), Kathy Karpan (Clinton), Jason Bloomberg (Clinton), Ann Robinson (Clinton).
AT-LARGE DELEGATES (3 total): Lorraine Saulino-Klein (Obama), Layha Spoonhunter (Obama), Shirley Davis (Clinton).
PLEDGED PARTY LEADER/ELECTED OFFICIAL DELEGATES (2 total): State Sen. Mike Massie (Obama), State Rep. and State Party Secretary Mary Hales (Clinton).

These next six people are the "superdelegates," including Rep. Patrick Goggles, who was elected at the May 24 state convention. The other five were predetermined based on the offices they hold.
UNPLEDGED PARTY LEADER/ELECTED OFFICIAL DELEGATE (1 total): State Rep. Patrick Goggles (Rep. Goggles has announced that he is supporting Obama.)
OTHER “SUPERDELEGATES” (5 total): John Millin, state party chair (announced that he’s supporting Obama), Nancy Drummond, state party vice chair (announced that she’s supporting Obama), Pete Jorgensen, national committeeman (announced that he’s supporting Obama), Cynthia Nunley, national committeewoman (announced that she's supporting Clinton), Dave Freudenthal, Wyoming governor
(announced that he’s supporting Obama).

Those are the 18 voting delegates Wyoming is sending to the Democratic National Convention.

In addition, Wyoming is also sending the following alternates and committee members. These people are NOT delegates (although alternates will replace delegates who cannot attend the convention). However, they will attend the convention. They were awarded to the candidates based on the results of presidential preference votes.
DISTRICT-LEVEL ALTERNATES (3 total): Mike Bell (Obama), Jean Jorgensen (Obama), Dave Lerner (Clinton).
AT-LARGE ALTERNATE (1 total): Marcia Kunstel (Obama)
RULES COMMITTEE (1 position, awarded to Obama): State Party Treasurer Chuck Herz.
PLATFORM COMMITTEE (1 position, awarded to Obama): State Rep. Lori Millin.
CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE (1 position, awarded to Clinton): Story Clark Resor

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