Friday, August 15, 2008

Casper Star-Tribune endorses Nick Carter

This comes from Eric Hevenor, campaign manager for the Nick Carter for Senate campaign: We received an important endorsement today: The Casper Star Tribune officially threw their support behind Nick Carter. Read the Tribune's glowing endorsement of Nick here.

In its editorial endorsement, the Casper Star Tribune noted of Nick that "he has a wealth of knowledge about the issues" and that Nick is "the strongest candidate to take on Barrasso in November."

Clearly, when the state's most important and widely distributed publication throws their support behind Nick's campaign, it's because Nick is a viable candidate to fight for solutions for the people of Wyoming. On the issues, the Tribune reports that "Carter is also correct when he criticizes the government's failure to build a high-speed rail system, which would be much more energy efficient than auto and air traffic. He says it's the kind of issue that should be debated in the Senate today, so the planning can start as soon as possible.

"Carter has also taken an interesting approach on health care, promoting federal
catastrophic insurance coverage for everyone. Such a system would likely help the economy by reducing the number of bankruptcies people file due to high medical bills."

Clearly, the editorial board of the Tribune realizes that there are many problems facing Wyoming and that Nick Carter is the man to deliver real solutions. The verdict is in: The state's largest newspaper threw their support behind Nick Carter because they realized that Nick Carter is the right candidate to create solutions for Wyoming.

UPDATE: Saturday's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle in Cheyenne added its endorement for Nick Carter over Casper's Keith Goodenough in Tuesday's primary. The paper also featured a side-by-side Q&A with Carter and Goodenough.

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