Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lefty vs. Righty on Denver streets

Denver hosted two competing demonstrations this morning.

On the Capitol steps, Cindy Sheehan, Ron Kovic, Eldridge Cleaver's widow and various others took the U.S. to task for wrongs in Iraq, Palestine, Vietnam, throughout the U.S.A, and Across the Universe.

Two blocks away, an array of opposing demonstrators urged us to support the troops by holding up signs that said things like: "Want peace? Then shut up and let us do our job." The image on the sign was of a GI is full battle dress. Another sign showed a finger-pointing Uncle Sam saying "Osama wants you... to oppose the war on terror."

When it came time for the antiwar crowd to march to the Pepsi Center, a phalanx of cops lined up in front of the war promoters. A few harsh words were exchanged but nothing that could provoke a fight between peaceniks and warniks.

More later, along with some photos.

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