Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wyoming Republicans: What, We Worry?

Republicans aren't worried about losing the strangehold they hold on Wyoming politics. At least if you believe GOP Chair Diana Vaughn.

In an AP story by Matt Joyce:

Vaughan said she expects the party's core principles of "smaller government and lower taxes" to win the day in state and federal elections this November.

"We're talking about Wyoming," said Vaughan, who became the state GOP chairman last month. "This is what Wyoming stands for. That's why we've got the overwhelming majority in the state Legislature. People believe in those Republican principles and that's why we elect the people that we do."

Smaller government and lower taxes, eh? She couldn't be talking about the bloated Defense Department, which is part of government, last I heard. What about the deficit spending it takes us to continue to wage the 100-Year-War in Iraq? Lower taxes? Yes, for the richest Americans, thanks to Bush's tax cuts. Republican values: bigger federal government, spending money you don't have, and a free ride for the rich -- to hell with the middle class.

It gets even better:

Vaughan said the GOP is strong enough in Wyoming to overcome any national backlash over controversial Bush Administration policies, such as the Iraq war. Vice President Dick Cheney -- a Wyoming native -- is committed to helping the state GOP in the lead-up to the general election, she said.

Now this is great news for Democrats. If there is one man in America more reviled than Dubya, it's Dick Cheney, Wyoming's favorite son. Vaughn may think that Cheney's transgressions will be forgotten once he moves back to his hideout outside Jackson. I don't think so. Sure, the Wyoming Republican Old Guard will be happy to have Dick back in the fold. But Wyoming is not theirs and theirs alone. There are Republicans and Libertarians and Democrats who think that Cheney should answer for his crimes against humanity and the U.S. Constitution.

Later in the article, Bill Luckett, executive director of the state Democratic Party, said:

Wyoming residents are listening to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's commitment to overcoming partisanship in Washington. "I understand why the Republicans want to continue thinking that this is a Republican state and Republicans are just going to win because that's the way it's always been," Luckett said. "But we have outstanding candidates this year, up and down the ballot."

Republicans have long treated Wyoming as their own conservative ranch. It's time we opened up the gates to let us Dem dogies run wild!

And impeach Dick Cheney.

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