Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wind power available in Cheyenne this fall

I noticed that the summer's first energy bill from Cheyenne Power & Light is higher than last year's at this time. The rates are creeping up, and they're expected to go through the roof this winter.

But steps are being made locally to put renewable energy sources online. Good for global warming, but not necessarily a harbinger of lower energy prices.

This comes from a July 8 press release:

Duke Energy Generation Services, a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp. has completed construction and is currently in start-up testing of its Happy Jack Windfarm project near Cheyenne. The new facility will provide enough energy to power up to 8,500 homes for the city of Cheyenne and the surrounding community through a 20-year power purchasing agreement with Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power Co., a subsidiary of Black Hills Corp. According to Cheyenne Light, the wind farm was built on land owned by the city of Cheyenne adjacent to the city’s Happy Jack Landfill. Fourteen wind turbines, with the expected production of about 100 million kilowatt-hours annually, were on the drawing board. At that time, the company predicted that power from the wind farm would be available to its customers in the fall of 2008.

When the project was announced, Tierra Energy was the selected developer of the wind farm. Tierra was purchased by Duke in May of 2007.

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kainah said...

Rocky Mountain Power -- formerly Pacific Power -- just sent out something where you can buy into green energy -- at $2/unit/per month. You can pick how many units, if any, you wish to purchase and drop out at any time. The money is supposed to go towards promoting renewable energy but has no impact on your bill. It is not really clear to me how this is going to work but, perhaps in true bushian style, the program is called the Blue Sky Program.

Michael Shay said...

Nothing but blue skies, from now on...