Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Sam wants you -- at the polls

The Associated Press reports that the Federal Election Assistance Commission wants to recruit "2 million poll workers for the November election to help handle what could be a record turnout for the presidential election."

"We have seen historically high voter turnout during the primaries and continued high registration rates this year," Rosemary Rodriguez, chairman of the Election Assistance Commission, said Thursday.

"Election officials throughout the nation anticipate high voter turnout to continue in the general election," said Rodriguez, Denver's former clerk.

"Preparation for high turnout includes extra ballots and voting machines, but most important, we must have as many poll workers, including bilingual poll workers, as possible to prevent long lines."

To volunteer as poll workers of election judges at a Wyoming precinct, contact your county clerk. The Laramie County Clerk is Debbye Lathrop and you can get more info at I've been a poll worker and an election judge. I was paid for my judging capabilities, and even paid for the training session that preceded the 2006 primaries and general election. This is a great way to understand the election system in all its glory and inglory.

I especially encourage young people to volunteer as poll workers, as we could use a little lowering of the average age. Right now, I'd say that it hovers somewhere around 70, with me being on the lower end of the scale and almost everyone else on the higher end.

Who wants to be around a lot of old people, you might say. Well, we can impart some hard-earned wisdom. Also, the snacks at the precinct on election day are beyond the usual doughnuts and rotgut coffee you might expect. I hate to be sexist, but many of the women volunteers actually bake coffee cakes and strudels and lunchtime casseroles (it's a long day at the polls). So, there are some benefits....

As Democrats, we need to be at the polls to make sure that all election proceedings are conducted legally. We've all heard about the voter suppression tactics practiced by Republicans. Don't let them get away with it!


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Michael Shay said...

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