Monday, July 28, 2008

Carter's ads hit the tube (and YouTube)

Nick Carter has a series of campaign ads running on TV. But you don't have to wait for those annoying breaks during your favorite show to watch them. Due to the miracle of the Internets, you can plug in at

Carter is challenging Republican Sen. John Barrasso on a number of issues. In the ad I saw this morning, the subject of "pork" came up in relation to Barrasso's support of the latest farm bill. The bill passed, but is considered a failure because it didn't address subsidies to corporate farmers. So the ad juxtaposes the head of Barrasso with that of a pig -- or porker, if you prefer.

One man's pork-barrel spending is another man's necessity. But the Republican-controlled House and Senate from 2000-2006 were very piggish indeed, at least when it came to shoveling taxpayer funds to defense contractors, oil and gas companies, and the very rich (through tax cuts). I look forward to Carter's ads on those subjects.

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