Saturday, July 05, 2008

Forest Service gets its fight with Rainbows

The U.S. Forest Service office in Wyoming has been spoiling for a fight with the Rainbow Family since its leaders refused to move the site of its annual gathering because it was located near a Boy Scout summer project.

As if Wyoming doesn't have enough of an image problem. Picking a fight with the peace-and-love Rainbow Family is like, well, the schoolyard bully picking on the skinny long-haired kid who wears retro-60s clothes and listens to Green Day.

According to a lead-off article in this morning's Casper Star-Tribune, the Forest Service got its fight:

UPDATE (July 6): The American Civil Liberties Union plans to investigate how federal law enforcement officers treated members of the Rainbow Family during their annual gathering this year in western Wyoming. Linda Burt, executive director of the ACLU in Wyoming, said Saturday that her organization plans to accept collect calls from Rainbow Family members for the next two weeks to hear how law enforcement treated them (from CST wire and staff reports).

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