Saturday, July 05, 2008

As goes Butte (MT), so goes Cheyenne (WY)

Sen. Barack Obama spent the Fourth of July in Butte, Montana, which says something about his hopes about winning at least some of the Rocky Mountain states in November.

Here's an excerpt from today's story by Mike Dennison in the Billings Gazette:

BUTTE -- At events more likely to host a candidate for county sheriff than president, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama spent a sunny Fourth of July here Friday, driving home his message than if he can win in Montana this fall, he can win almost anywhere.

"If you stand with me and walk with me and vote just four months from now, we will have won Montana and we will have won everywhere else," he told a cheering crowd at an outdoor picnic on the Montana Tech campus in Butte. "We are going to change this country and we are going to change the world."

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