Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WYO GOP doesn't buy climate change

Anyone who doubts the differences between Wyoming Republicans and Democrats only need look at a few planks in their respective platforms.

The AP reported that a plank adopted at the state Republican Convention in Rock Springs last Saturday opposes any new laws or regulations related to the "hypothesis of man-made climate change."

Contrast that with the following planks that came out of the platform committee at the May 23-24 Democratic Party convention in Jackson (there may be some revisions to the wording, as contentious Democrats discussed and amended the platform ad nauseum at the convention).

In "The Environment" section under "Confronting Climate Change:"

1. Wyoming Democrats believe that our country must address climate change by working with others at local, state, national, and global levels to reduce greenhouse gases.

2. We call for development of alternative, renewable energy resources, including solar and wind power, through federal and state incentives.

3. We insist that government policy work to increase energy-use efficiency throughout our economy, including raising the fuel efficiency of the nation’s vehicles.

The Democrats have moved way beyond the hypothesis of global warming to cold, hard facts. That approach is supported by most of the climatologists in the known universe.

At their convention, Republicans also decided to oppose a federal designation of any Wyoming stream as a Wild and Scenic River. This is in response to the efforts in Teton County to declare the Snake as a Wild and Scenic River, providing it special protections under federal law. I believe a plank to that effect was added to the platform (I have to keep better notes). If not, it should have been.

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