Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trauner Cheyenne office open house today

This e-mail invitation comes from Aaron Owens at the Trauner for Congress office:

Hello fellow Laramie County Democrats. I am a recent transplant from the Albany County Democrats, and I'm in town on staff with the Gary Trauner campaign.

I wanted to make sure to extend a personal invitation to each of for tonight's Cheyenne office opening with Gary. It will be very laid back, and we'd love if you could stop by on your way home from work to meet (or re-meet) our next Congressman, Gary Trauner.

Gary will be here, as well as 7 of our 9 staffers, and most of our County Leadership Team. We're going to be bugging you A LOT over the next few months, so stop by now before we become really annoying. :) I'd love a quick RSVP to if you haven't already called, emailed, or been called by one of our staffers/volunteers. This is so we can be sure to have enough room opened up for you to be comfortable.

WHO: All supporters of Gary Trauner... and potential supporters (i.e. ,BRING FRIENDS, PLEASE!)

WHEN: Wednesday, June 18 @ 5:15 p.m.

WHERE: 211 W. 18th St, Cheyenne (between Carey and Capitol)

Thank you. See you in a few hours.

All Great Things,

Aaron Owens
Senior Field Organizer, Trauner for Congress

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