Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Repub Dinos want to drill seabed near you

More news from the dinosaurs who run the Republican Party:

Bush to Congress: Embrace Energy Exploration Now (Denver Post)

McCain: Allow oil drilling off coast (Miami Herald)

Whether it's the saltwater playground of the Gulf of Mexico, or the ancient inland seabed of Wyoming, Repubosaurus Rex wants to get its tiny claws on the oil that is like an elixir to his kind.

This is not likely to happen. Gulf-state Republicans whose cottages and manses line the beaches from Corpus Christi to Sarasota won't permit it.

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mpage225 said...

Mike, it is not just the coastal areas in danger, the West has its own particular threats, as detailed in this article by Chip Ward at TomDispatch:

Big Bad Boom
Radioactive Déjà Vu in the American West
By Chip Ward