Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cowardly saloon owners prefer Hillary

The 8,753 votes cast at Democratic Party caucuses Saturday in Wyoming swamped the 675 votes tallied in 2004.

The turnout was stupendous, as bloggers and reporters and even Fox News have all pointed out. Sure, some were turned away because they came late or because they weren't current on their party registration. Others grew tired of waiting in line. But, 1,532 Laramie County residents had the wherewithal to stand in line and listen to speeches and cast votes even if they were late for work or didn't feel so hot. That's approximately 1,500 more than voted in the county party's 2004 caucus.

Still, Wyoming can't get any respect. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank was speaking on Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" today. The issue was whether the Michigan and Florida caucus/primary votes should count as is (Clinton's view) or there should be a revote (Obama's take on things). Milbank scoffed at the influence of caucuses, noting that Wyoming's record turnout "was a school board election" and not a real election. Harumph, harumph.

Monday night on "The Daily Show," John Stewart had a great time picking on Wyoming. He noted that there were 59,000 registered Dems in the state. "I have more Democrats in my building," he quipped. If he's in New York, I'm sure he does. Later, Samantha Bee broke down the caucus numbers for us. It seems that grizzled prospectors went for Obama while mustache guys liked Clinton. John Stewart asked about gay cowboys, and Samantha Bee said that hadn't been in issue for about a year (remember the hubbub over "Brokeback Mountain?") and that thoase numbers were no longer tabulated.

Let's trot out all the stereotypical western characters, old and new. Gabby Hayes is an Obama supporter; Dale Evans likes Hillary. Shane was a Ron Paul man but now is undecided. The Virginian ("smile when you say that!") likes McCain's steadfast nature and steely gaze.

And as you might guess, the rough-and-tumble oil men of the high prairie are all Bush & Cheney people.

If you were a western stereotype, whom would you support for president?

CORRECTION: I misremembered Samantha Bee's March 10 breakdown of Wyoming Democratic caucus voters. Supporting Obama were the rugged outdoorsmen, gizzled old coots, and ornery drifters. Mustache guys also preferred Obama. Hillary won over the hearty prospectors and cowardly saloon owners. Hummingbirdminds regrets the error.


kainah said...

pssst..... It's JON Stewart, not John. :) Thanks for picking up on Dana Milbank's infuriating comment. Jon Stewart is a comedian, so I understand; Dana Milbank just plays one on TV and does a miserable job which is most annoying.

mpage225 said...

kainah, agree on Dana Milbank, he is awful and don't know why Olberman keeps bringing him back. I cringe every time he is on.

Mike, lighten up, remember Andy Kaufman's belief that any attention, negative or positive, is a good thing. Besides, perhaps this is a bit of payback for 8 years of Cheney. As for his first name, I think we can all agree it is spelled "Dick" and that says it all.

Michael Shay said...

Oops, yes on the Jon (not John) and yes (unfortunately) on the major dick that is Cheney.