Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rare Dem toad not an endangered species

I was looking for the right words to describe my experiences during Wyoming's recent Democratic Party caucuses, and Julianne Couch found them for me. It's great to live in a state with so many fine writers.

Julianne's a writer in Laramie. Her column about the caucuses appeared in this morning's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. The Obama-Clinton surge meant a lot to Wyoming "Non-Republicans," whom Julianne likened to "a rare species to toad -- a curiousity that is easily squashed by the heel of a heavy boot when it gets in the way of progress."

She was happy that the caucuses "took the Wyoming Democrats off the endangered species list, at least temporarily."

As a Dem toad, I'm finding it difficult to recover from my caucus rush. It's not something you really want to recover from, is it? John Millin, head of the Wyoming Democrats, has sent out an e-mail that urges us to keep up the momentum and donate $25 to the state party. Each donation will be matched by a private donor. To pitch in, go to

We passed the hat (actually it was a see-through Lucite cube) regularly Saturday at the Cheyenne caucus. Not sure how much was gathered, but there were a lot of fives and tens floating around among the dollar bills. There are a lot of expenses during a big election year like this one, so I'm sure that Laramie County Democrats' treasurer Bobby Marcum was happy.

Julianne points out another benefit of the high-profile political race:
"I heard Democrats and Republicans talking together about politics, chatting about 'Bill' and 'Hillary' and 'Barack' as if they were neighbors or folks from work. Just about every conversation eneded with, 'Well, it can't possibly get any worse, no matter what happens.' "
I heard -- and participated in -- some of those conversations. And we usually did agree that things couldn't get any worse. Will my Republican and Independent and Libertarian neighbors have the same feelings come November? Stay tuned....

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