Thursday, January 10, 2008

Republicans think like it's 1899

Bill Luckett, blogger for the Wyoming Democratic Party, led off his Jan. 9 news digest with a piece about Teton County Republican goals. You just have to ask: what century are these people living in? On what planet do they dwell? Here's the excerpt:

Next, we have this piece from the Jackson Hole News & Guide, which demonstrated to all the people of Teton County just how out of touch their local Republican leaders are (I’ve included the entire piece below, because it’s just two sentences):

GOP goals: Abolish the federal income and estate taxes, deport illegal immigrants who are stopped by police, dissolve the Teton County Housing Authority, and begin planning for another bridge over the Snake River to the west bank. Teton County Republicans voted for these and other positions Saturday as they set their platform for the upcoming election cycle.

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