Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton fans and "Girl Power!"

My wife is ecstatic about Hillary Clinton's win in the New Hampshire primary. "Girl Power!" she kept shouting all morning. "But," says I, "Barack Obama leads in the delegate count -- and don't forget about John Edwards." "Girl Power," she says. My daughter wishes she could vote in this presidential election but will have to wait until 2012. "Girl Power!" she shouts as she shuffles off the school.

I couldn't think of anything clever to say. "It ain't over 'til it's over," comes to mind. Or as John Edwards said last night: "There are 48 states left to vote." That would be 47 for the Republicans, as the Wyoming Repubs had their say last Saturday.

On to the rest of the primaries!


jhwygirl said...

So great to have found you!

I'm an Edwards fan. He says he's in it until the end - and I'm with him, heart and wallet!

Hillary really does have that women vote, doesn't she? She's not playing well in my circle up this way (Missoula) - but I do know that even if she does get the ticket, she'll get our vote.

Like you said - "I will never knowingly vote for a Republicans long as the party remains in the clutches of the Fundamentalist Right."

Michael Shay said...

I'm an Edwards fan, too, although in the past have sent my dough to the Kucinich campaign. Dennis is a great man with lots of heart and soul, but I think (especially with Richardson gone) that it's time to get behind one of the top three.

jhwygirl said...

God Bless Kucinich, man - isn't this like his 3rd run for the presidency? He's smart, knows his stuff - I love watching him at action on the Senate floor. A true patriot - otherwise, why would he do it?

Edwards is the only one with a chance that is actually for the people, IMO.

Good stuff over here Michael - I can not believe I've not found you before! You are one hard-working blogger!