Monday, December 17, 2007

Wyo. Democratic Party responds to Millin

The Wyoming Democratic Party web site offers several links to stories about State Chair John Millin's letter to the editor last week in the Denver Post (see previous post). The letter dissed Hillary Clinton's candidacy because, according to Millin, she would be a drag on the efforts of Democrats in Wyoming. The state is red as red can be, and many of these Reds have an irrational hatred of the Clintons. His letter also promoted the candidacy of Barack Obama. So, the WDP web site offered this caveat:

Please note that the opinions expressed by Chairman Millin in the Denver Post article are his personal opinions only, and they do not reflect any official position of the Wyoming Democratic Party. The party remains neutral in all Democratic primary elections, and the party will enthusiastically support our presidential nominee. Every one of our party’s major candidates for president would make a better president for this country than any one running on the Republican side. As a state party chairman and as a superdelegate to the national convention, Chairman Millin is free to endorse whichever candidate he prefers for president. Part of our presidential election process involves the candidates trying to earn the endorsements of unpledged delegates to the convention. But any delegate’s endorsement of any candidate does not change the position of the Democratic Party, which remains neutral in the presidential primary.

Last week was an active one, media-wise, for some of the state's top Democrats. First you had Gov. Freudenthal say he wasn't going to attend the Democratic National Convention in August 2008 down the road in Denver. He did a switcheroo on that one, once he was informed that he was a superdelgate to the convention and his presence would be missed. And then came Mr. Millin's letter and the responses to it.

I believe in standing up as a Democrat. I did like Millin's letter's list of Dems' accomplishments in Wyoming. The best was Gary Trauner scaring Barbara Cubin into retirement. We're all very happy about that, as Ms. Cubin continues to miss crucial votes in Congress. Considering her right-wing voting record, maybe that's not such a bad thing...

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