Sunday, December 16, 2007

Regarding Millin's Denver Post comments

Here are my comments to a recent letter to the editor by Wyoming Democratic Party Chair John Millin which appeared in the Denver Post. His comments about a Hillary Clinton candidacy and its effects on other WYO Democratic Party candidates (local and national) have caused quite a stir. I thought I'd provide some context:

I'm a Wyoming Democrat and recently served as secretary to the Laramie County Democrats when John Millin was its chair. So, my comments come to you completely biased. Yes, Hillary Clinton will not be a fave among Wyoming voters. Obama may get a few more votes if he's the Democratic Party's presidential candidate. The same goes for Edwards. But let's face it: the Republican candidate, no matter who HE is, will win Wyoming and its crucial three electoral votes. Democrats voting for president in Wyoming are throwing away their vote. We saw how little the popular vote counts in the 2000 elections, when Gore was elected prez by the majority of Americans but Bush won the electoral contest thanks to Republican Party hacks in Florida and some tired old cranks on the Supreme Court.

But the alternative is to vote for the Republican candidate. We can't afford another eight years of compassionate conservatism. Look what's happened the past eight years. Bush and Cheney have taken us to the brink of World War III and keep pressing war against Iran.

I will vote Democratic for president, Hillary or not. My neighbors will vote for Mitt or Fred or Rudy. Republicans will continue to turn our government over to corporate interests and Christian know-nothings. They will continue to wage war against the planet.

Our only choice for salvation lies with the Democrats. My first choice for president is not Ms. Clinton. I like Edwards and Kucinich and Richardson. But if she's chosen at the Denver convention, I will vote for Hillary Clinton. I reckon that John Millin will also do so, as will other Wyoming Dems.

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