Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Wyoming wingnuts bash gays at legislative meeting in Sundance

I've often remarked on the cruelty of the current crop of conservatives. Whether it's Trump picking on people of color to Congress shafting the poor and middle class, the right's raison d'etre is inflicting cruelty on people, usually those least likely to be able to respond.

But the right-wingers who showed up in Sundance to bash gays has to be a new low. Why? They did it with Rep. Cathy Connolly in the room. Connolly of Laramie was the first openly-LGBT state legislator here in the Equality State. She drafted a bill, along with co-sponsors (and Republican moderates) Sen. Cale Case and Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, to make our state's legalese more gender-neutral.

The wingnuts, spurred on by local evangelicals and the Arizona-based right-wing group Alliance Defending Freedom, showed up to spew their hatred at the Nov. 20 Joint Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivisions Committee hearing in Sundance. Crook County boasts some of the nicest people in Wyoming. Venomous creeps, too, it seems, although some came from neighboring Campbell County. 

I will let Wyofile tell the story, as the reporter did a fantastic job tracking down the creepy proceedings. 

Here is the link to the Wyofile story by Andrew Graham. 

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RobertP said...

So Mike,

What is the problem with making yourself feel better by attacking others? It tells you more about the person making those attacks than the people they are attacking. Sadly presidential now.