Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Artist Al Farrow repurposes the world's armaments to produce "Divine Ammunition"

From "Divine Ammunition" at the UW Art Museum: Al Farrow, Trigger Finger of Santo Guerro, guns, gun parts, bullets, shell casings, steel, glass, bone, crucifix, 19 x 16 x 16 inches, 2007. Photo: Michael Shay

Here's the opening salvo of my Dec. 19 post on Wyofile's Studio Wyoming Review:
If I was a gun guy instead of an arts guy, I might have been at the gun show at the Laramie Fairgrounds. It’s Christmas, right, and all of us deserve a Glock in our stocking. 
But I was a few miles away at the University of Wyoming Art Museum viewing “Divine Ammunition,” an exhibit of the work of California artist Al Farrow. The work was selected from private and public collections. There were guns galore in the Friends and Colorado galleries. Matching handguns serve as a cathedral’s flying buttresses. Rifles frame the door of a synagogue splashed in blood-red. The very real skull of an imaginary saint sits in a reliquary fashioned from guns and shell casings. 
Happy holidays, ya’ll.
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