Saturday, July 15, 2017

Looking for some post-ecliptic music and prose in Casper on Aug. 21?

Musician Ethan Hopkins and writer Mike Shay
I will be on stage with musician Ethan Hopkins on Eclipse Day, Aug. 21, 7:30 p.m., at Metro Coffee in Casper. This is the final outing of the summer for the "Music and Poetry" series sponsored by ARTCORE, Casper's vibrant local arts agency. The title is slightly misleading. I will be reading prose, not poetry, as I need many more words to express myself than the average (even above-average) poet. I will be reading from my novel-in-progress, "Zeppelins Over Denver," which has Wyoming characters in it but takes place in the Denver of 1919. I will share some excerpts here in the month or so leading up to the event. I also want to give you some tastes of Ethan's music. Take a look and listen of this vid clip from Ethan's web site:

Casper will be in the cone of totality for the solar eclipse. During the day, I will be somewhere in that cone of totality. But at night, I will be in the spotlight at Metro.

To get tix to the ARTCORE event, go to Also check out ARTCORE's upcoming season. Excellent, as always.


Linda said...

Was up in Casper town visiting my mom who had just had her aortic valve surgery 2 weeks before. I was thumbing through the Artcore catalog, which would give any big city art program a run for an award, and saw your page. Living in Cheyenne, I wonder why it's so difficult to get together with friends who live here, so I'm hoping to take in your performance when I visit mom again. Who knows, we might even get to have coffee!

Michael Shay said...

It will happen. We will have that coffee and conversation.