Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oklahoma artist Jack Fowler releases Woody Guthrie image to activists

Your message here: Oklahoma artist Jack Fowler released his image of Woody Guthrie to the rest of us, hoping we will make art and possibly political messages with it. Fowler projected this image on the Oklahoma State Capitol along with his own customized message, "How Did It Come To This" as a protest against the wingnuts in the Oklahoma State Legislature, which may even be worse as the Wyoming State Legislature, which is hard to believe. Fowler told Hyperallergic: “I released the blank image so people could write in their own statements. I have no more plans for ‘Woody’s Guitar’ except for encouraging and fanning the flames of the positive, tangible things that have started to result from it.” The authorities were not pleased, telling Fowler that next time he does any projecting of images on the state capitol, he faces a fine and/or seizure of property. I guess Oklahoma authorities are only proud of Woody's folk hero status when it suits them. FMI:

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