Friday, April 15, 2016

Grant Farms store in Cheyenne reinvents itself

Yes, it's supposed to snow buckets this weekend. Winter storm Vexo may prove to be vexing here in Cheyenne and all along the Front Range. 
However, gardening season is still on the horizon -- just delayed by a weekend or two.
In the midst of winter -- not to be confused with the winter that visits in springtime -- I attended the topping off ceremony of the new building at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. So cool to watch the building's progress on my walks around the lake. Check it out at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens web site. 
Another boost to gardening in the area is news from Grant Farms on Lincolnway to reopen and reinvent itself. This comes from the Botanic Gardens:
Long-time Cheyenne garden center Grant Farms is set to reopen on April 23 selling plants, seeds and supplies for your garden.
On May 1, it is becoming a source for local fresh food like eggs, fruits and vegetables (mostly organically grown). In addition, they will provide fresh-baked bread, pastries, Jackie’s Java fresh coffee, local cheeses and milk.
On Memorial Day weekend, Grant Farms will open a new Garden Patio Bistro where you can sit and enjoy a fresh coffee drinks, ice cream and fresh smoothies. In addition, they will have live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Show your Botanic Gardens membership card prior to them ringing up your sale and get 10% off!
Looking forward to sitting around sipping an iced latte while inhaling the fresh scents of growing things -- and enjoying live music. Grant Farms is based outside Wellington in Larimer County, Colorado. We consider Wellington a suburb of Cheyenne, although Fort Collins usually claims it. Some people prefer the more accommodating attitudes of CO to WY where crazy people run our legislature. 
Find more info for the Grant Farms store in Cheyenne. 


Sam said...

Mike, looks like a fine store and glad to see it does CSA. My bank supports CSA and has a program for that. Good luck with the garden and enjoy the snow. in the 70's in KC this weekend, almost time to plant.


Michael Shay said...

An employer with a CSA program? I'd push for that if I was still working. As it is, I plan to get on a CSA plan and do some of my own gardening here in the frost-and-wind belt. Was just out scraping snow and ice from my poor little car. Winter I don't mind. Endless winter I do mind.