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Part VIII: Mudder's World War I diary

November 16, 1918 
Got up at 6am breakfast in our room, got a taxi and made our train 6K, arrived at Chaumont 3pm. Found on arriving, P had been here, out of luck again tried to get him on the phone but no success. Went to the dance in the hut at night. 

November 17 

Orders have not arrived yet, took a walk in the afternoon, met several officers that Miss M knew, so we were invited out to dinner, had a very dry time. 

November 18 

Afraid to leave the grounds because I felt sure Peany would come today and he really did, was I glad to see him. I’ll sure say so. Took him over to tea and then brought me to 42 in his car, had a puncture getting here and too late for mess so we went to a villa nearby in a quaint old room you know and enjoyed myself. 

November 19 

Stayed in bed late, didn’t sleep at all, too much excitement. Had lots of mail, sure was good to be home once again. Peany came in the afternoon, just had a short while, came in the evening, a dance near by, so we rode over, had a dandy time, eats were good, fried chicken, sandwiches, doughnuts, cocoa and punch. 

November 20 

Went to Neuf Chateau with Ruth, and then I had a disappointment, met Peany and he has to go away for a few days such luck, as I do have. He came in the afternoon and we went out for dinner, in his motorcycle this time, he leaves in the morning. 

November 21 

Some good news, P doesn’t have to go away at all, I am tickled to death, went over to #79 to a dance, had a wonderful time. 

November 22 

Haven’t been put on duty yet, I don’t really mind, made some fudge for P in the morning, he said it was awfully good. He came about 300pm. Had a dance here with the good old jazz, best music I ever heard but I am afraid I am going to too many dances, this has been some week for me. 

November 23 

We had tea in our recreation room, P came over, he and Colonel, Miss McAfee and I went out to dinner, some good time. 

November 24 

Had a nice long walk with P. He came over in the afternoon we had a great tea party including fudge. We afterwards went over to his mess, some good feed I’ll tell you. Miss Saxelby and the colonel went too. 

November 25 

Am to go on duty tomorrow. I sure had a good rest. Peany was here twice today but for a short while. I certainly missed him tonight. 

November 26 

Was on duty but the ward is very easy. P came at night and we had a dandy walk. 

November 27 

The whole day off today made some fudge for P and had a nice ride in the motorcycle going to a dance tonight. 

November 28 

Had a dandy time at the dance last night, went out to dinner with P, had Thanksgiving dinner here but P first always. 

November 29 

P went up to the front on a wild chore, and of course our big dance is tonight, promised to get back but he didn’t; I went to the dance at 930 and had a good time. 

November 30 

P showed up about 2pm, had trouble with his motorcycle, now it is broken, hard luck again. He and I walked to Neuf Chateau, he bought me the dearest watch. In the evening, Colonel Lyesby, Miss Costello, P and I went to dinner. 

December 1 

Another day for P at the front, landed in here about 7pm, sick as he could be and had to walk home, poor fellow, I sure am sorry about 6 kilos too. 

December 2 

Got a note from P, he is ill. I just thought so but I am going over to see him tomorrow night. Miss Leach has fixed our room up darling, went to Neuf in the morning and did a lot of purchasing. Had a time to get home but we found a friend. 

December 3 

Walked all the way to Frenille, Miss Costello and I, had dinner there. Peany is convalescing. Came home in a Dodge. 

December 4 

Made some fudge for P, he was over in the morning. Afternoon, he came we went out to dinner. 

December 5 

Had a half day off and did not expect it. Goldie and I walked to Frenille, of course P was out but got back about 430p. Captain McDonald, Leah, P and I went on a party to Hareyville, but never again. 

December 6 

Peany left quick today and no wonder, we almost came to blows but we made up. 

December 7 

Sad news. P has to go Hopkins to a dinner and dance, said he simply can not get out of it, he was over in the afternoon and a while in the evening 

December 8 

P came in the afternoon, got me all frustrated, said the car was waiting to take him, but it was not so thank goodness. He had a rotten time at the dance and I am glad of it. We went to H to dinner, had a dandy time. 

December 9 

The 346 gave us a dance at night, I was dressing, Leah ran over to me, and told me P had had an accident and was over in 46H with a fractured arm, you can see me run all excited, did you know it was untrue, he had sent her with that tale. Well anyhow the dance was great. 

December 10 

P arrived at 3pm, said he was to leave tomorrow. We went out to dinner. My, I would be happy if he did not have to go. 

December 11 

Today has been one of the most miserable days I have ever had. Received a note from P at 200p, he left at 100pm, I don’t know what on earth I will do. He wrote the dearest letter, I also got an old letter from him today. I wrote him a long letter tonight and then went to bed. 

December 12 

Still miserable, and expect to be for some time. Got the picture today that P had sent me ages ago, bless his heart, wish he were here. To bed at 830, such a life. 

December 13 

Wrote to P, my I miss that man. Went over to a French dance at night for a while. 

December 14 

Went to Neuf with Leah, coming back the driver was slightly stoned. I did not think we would make it. To bed at 830pm. 

December 15 

Wrote to P. Took a walk at night with Nell. Was talking to Ray for a while. Monday 

December 16 

This life is getting rather monotonous. Wrote P; played cards this afternoon with Goldie and 2 officers, they were both married though. I won all the games too, me and my partner. 

December 17 

Some mail yesterday for a change but none from P. Wrote some letters, went to bed. 

December 18 

Played cards with some of the girls, nothing exciting happened. 

December 19 

To bed early, nothing new. 

December 20 

No mail, no nothing, rather blue, homesick, and tired. 

December 21 

There was a dance here last night, I heard it was a failure. To bed early as usual. 

December 22 

Made Xmas ornaments for the tree, out of silver foil and colored cardboard with red ink, better the day, better the deeds. Leah wanted me to play cards with her but refused. 

December 23 

Lt. Wood came over and invited me to their Xmas eve dance. I accepted. Made fudge the entire day for the boys for Xmas. Got my package and some letters, rather pleased. 

December 24 

Trimmed our tree which looked rather nice and the ward looked great, decorated with greens and things made out of absolutely nothing. Went to the dance at night, had an awfully good time. 

December 25 

Got up at 12noon, blue as could be. Had a good Xmas dinner, went on the ward at 2pm, the patients sure had a good day; I wanted to dance but relaxed instead. Got several sweet handkerchiefs, perfume, etc.

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