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Part IV: Mudder's World War I diary

August 15, Thursday 
The guns sure did run all night. I heard this morning that 88th Division went over the top about 4am. Howard came over in the afternoon, mighty good to have callers way out here. Went on duty 7pm, only had two cases.

August 16, Friday 

Some hot day, I was beginning to think that France did not have any summer but my mind has changed, Nothing of interest happened.

August 17, Saturday 

My, some air raid. The German aero plane was directly over our tent, the anti-aircraft was might busy shooting, of the noise lasted quite a while but not much success did either have. Had a date with a captain tonight.

August 18, Sunday 

Started out about 10am to Evac #4. Went up in a huge U.S. truck went about fifteen miles. Saw a couple nurses I knew at camp. On arriving back who should whiz by in a machine but Bob Gill, I recognized him, he stopped and we talked for quite awhile, we were both glad to see each other. In the afternoon, a Baltimore lad sat under the tree after dinner with some of the officers, to bed early.

August 18, 1918 

Took a walk up to one of the camps, the officers showed us around had to rush home for mess, came back in a Dodge. Nothing exciting happened. Only we are to move tomorrow, can you beat it. The guns sure sound loud today.

August 20, Tuesday 

Laid around under the trees all day, waiting for orders, left about 8pm in trucks for Crezancy. The train left there about 1030pm, not much sleep for us sitting up all night.

August 21 

Arrived, stayed there long enough for us to go the Red Cross for breakfast was real good too. Traveled all day. The train went about 10 miles an hour, arrived at Toul 8pm, went to Evac #1. Sebastopol in ambulances, there we were given a bed, and did I sleep. I’ll say I did, I never have been quite so tired.

August 22 

Breakfast at 8am, and what a treat, a different meal than I had been used to for a long while. Called on the Quarter Master; he gave a dandy box of chocolates. In the evening four of us girls and one officer went to town in truck, came back in a large car. Toul is not such a bad place. We hear the Boche planes every night, put on our helmets, that’s all.

August 23 

Got up late, went to Toul to lunch and we had a mighty good one too. Hurried back because we are to move again. To Toul this time but not until tomorrow. We visited a really old cathedral, talked to some officers at the Y.M.C.A and then came home in an ambulance.

August 24 

Moved from Sebastopol to Toul. Went out to lunch and afterward took a long ride in an ambulance, nearly went to the front. After dinner, took a walk with two officers and another nurse. 

August 25 

Went to church, looked for the Y.M.C.A. but landed in a Catholic Church. Had dinner in town, came home in a truck.

August 26 

Went downtown for a short while, In the evening took a walk with Captain B, went calling across the street had some music there so we and a little dance and it was great too.

August 27 

Nothing exciting happened. Went to town in the afternoon, took a walk with some officers. Went to bed very early.

August 28 

Went down to officers’ Y.M.C.A , had some breakfast including hot waffles. Coming back, met Captain Ackley, sure was glad to see him.

August 29 

Went out to dinner with Lt. Booker, very nice time. August 30 Went to Bazoilles in a large sedan with a captain and lieutenant, some good time, believe me and so unexpected. Heard a Boche plane at night but no damage. The guns did some running during the night.

August 30 

Met Dr. Skilling in town today and was surprised to see him. Took a walk in the evening, nothing exciting happened.

September 1 

Went to church, Lieutenant took us down in his machine, little trouble in finding the place. After the service Miss Martin and I walked up to the station. (Miss Coleman from #42 told me that Goldie was coming from Base #15 on a team), well I met old Leach sitting on a suitcase and was so pleased to see her. The three offices from MD Unit and the rest of us went out to dinner; I was given two letters, one from home, so glad to get it. Nothing else exciting happened except three officers from #45 say they were going to give us a dance soon.

September 2 

If we have many more air raids I am afraid my hair will turn white. No bombs struck our place but oh my. Walked into town, had a dinner engagement but the machine the officers were in turned over, they were late so did not wait.

September 3 

Went over to Evac #1, I think we were in five different machines getting there. We also visited an aviation field, surely was interesting, almost had the promise of a flight. Two of the officers are coming over to call tomorrow night.

September 4 

Another air raid, do I like them? The further away the better I like them. Went out for dinner. Cora K sure did doll up. I don’t know who for unless it was the Mess Officers. Oh you aviators.
Florence Green with other nurses at a hospital in France, 1918.

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