Saturday, October 17, 2015

Contemplating downtown Cheyenne's new mural

Here's Jordan Dean's mural on the alley wall between the Plains Hotel and the Majestic Building in downtown Cheyenne. I've been watching the mural's progress, even stopping by to talk to the artist as he hung three stories in the air from the boom lift basket. Jordan's done a great job of blending iconic western elements such as the bison and the eagle with more fanciful images. I can see some 60s-style poster art influences, such as the use of punctuation marks (quote marks, periods) to emphasize parts of the design. That may have something to do with Japanese art styles (manga, anime). I'm no art critic, but I know what I like! Someday soon, will grab a latte at the Paramount Cafe (named for the big empty space in the alley that used to be the Paramount Theater before it burned down) and spend some time contemplating this mural. Kudos to the DDA as it continues to bring life to downtown Cheyenne. 

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