Saturday, November 01, 2014

Wyoming ACLU shares some tips for election day

Many people in Wyoming have already voted. I'm not one of them, as I'm an election day voter kind of guy. Not sure why really. Voting has always been a pleasurable experience, even when the results don't turn out as you hoped. It is a civic duty, crucial to our democracy. Too bad that half of all Americans don't bother to vote. Wonder how they sleep at night?

I've heard all of the arguments. It doesn't matter who you vote for. It's all rigged. Democrats and Republicans are all the same. I can't get off work. That last one is a real problem, especially for those who work hourly jobs or more than one job or don't have their own transportation or speak English as their second language. Republicans have been working overtime to make voting harder.

Here are some voting tips from the Wyoming ACLU:
Are you ready for Election Day? With less than a week until Election Day, it’s important to remember that every vote counts! 
In order to participate in the democratic process all voters need to understand the rules in our state, register on time, and show up at the correct polling place.  
Follow these steps to make sure can vote in this year’s election:
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 4
  • Wyoming polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm 
  • Make sure you are registered to vote. If you are not already registered, Wyoming allows qualified voters to register at the polls on Election Day. However, you must bring an acceptable form of ID to the polls for same day registration. (example: passport or Wyoming driver’s license)
  • Get to the polls early to avoid the rush
We encourage all Wyoming voters to make their voice heard and vote in the upcoming election.
Voting is one of our most basic rights, and it is the fundamental right which all of our civil liberties rest. 

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