Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wyoming Education Association withdraws Balow endorsement

The Casper Star-Tribune reported this last night:
A political group representing Wyoming teachers announced Monday it has withdrawn support for GOP schools chief candidate Jillian Balow based on attacks she made against Democratic opponent Mike Ceballos in a campaign fundraising letter sent last month.  
On late Sunday afternoon, the Wyoming Education Association's Political Action Committee for Education, decided to pull its support of Balow, said Kathy Vetter, who is both president of the 6,000-member WEA and chairwoman of the PAC. The group is composed of WEA members who voluntarily donate to the PAC and make decisions on which candidates to support. 
The PAC had previously endorsed both candidates for superintendent of public instruction, Vetter said.
You can read Balow's fund-raising letter on the CST site. Its content won't be surprising to anyone familiar with Republican tactics in Wyoming. She links her Democratic opponent, Mike Ceballos, with unions and those liberals in Washington, D.C., such as Pres. Obama and education chief Arne Duncan  who "hand-picked" Ceballos to "federalize" education in Wyoming. Balow also asked for campaign contributions, which is what candidates do, but writes that she will need the money to blunt attacks by her liberal opponent. I've been campaigning for Ceballos and haven't seen any attack ads -- or attack letters -- from his team.  
As for his ties with all those wicked liberals inside the Beltway:
Ceballos has said the only people he knows in Washington are Wyoming’s all-Republican congressional delegation.
No surprise that our Repub trio in D.C. have all endorsed Balow and, by inference, her tactics. They've all used the "blame Obama for everything" approach in their own campaigns. They're reliably anti-union. This union member wonders why all of these inside the Beltway conservatives always take the side of corporate interests over those of working people such as teachers and state employees.

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