Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The BBC transforms a great Brian Wilson song into a video promo

Brian Wilson's great "God Only Knows" has been transformed by the BBC into a "for the love of music" video promo with a cast of thousands. I like it. The song comes from Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys' masterpiece, according to many critics, and one of the influences for The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I barely paid any attention when Pet Sounds came out in the summer of 1966 as I was busy sharpening my dancing skills for Motown hits. Take a look...


RobertP said...


Very cool.Always loved that song and this is a great arrangement and video. I still have my ticket stub from their show in 1973 at the Florida Gym. Had to put out $3.50, which at the time was a little more than 2 hours wages at my job at Rapp's Deli.

Thanks for posting,


Michael Shay said...

Bob, I saw the Beach Boys several times. Once in Daytona in the 60s and once in Cheyenne ten years ago or so. I grew up in Daytona listening to their surf and drag-racing songs. And how about those Royals?