Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 11 bash for Dameione Cameron raises money and awareness

We attended a campaign launch party last night for Dameione Cameron. He's running as a Democrat for Senate District 7. There were a fair number of Republicans at this Dem bash, which is always a good sign in a state where Repubs outnumber Dems two-to-one or possibly even more. The crowd was also younger than usual, with an average age somewhere in the 40s. I represent the upper end of the scale. The younger cohort wandered through the crowd, signing up unsuspecting people for volunteer duty. The energy was palpable, as were the the trays of wings (spicy and not-so), bowls of watermelon and coolers filled with good beer. This was fitting for a candidate whose origins are in the Carolina low country, a practicing attorney who runs -- with Troy Rumpf, his partner of 18 years -- the best restaurant in Cheyenne, the Morris House Bistro. The Air Force brought the candidate to Cheyenne and he stayed on for the adventure, although the Clemson grad gets back to the low country as often as he can -- especially in the winter.

One interesting side note -- Dameione, Troy and the Morris House Bistro are sponsoring a little invitation-only soiree next week that leads into the Wyoming Brewer's Festival, which I and hundreds of my fellow beer lovers will attend next weekend at the Depot Plaza. The Morris House Bistro party will team up craft beers with craft foods, which is as it should be. Make mine shrimp and grits with Ellie's Brown Ale or a bomber of The Reverend from Avery Brewing in Boulder.

Cameron does not have a challenger in the Democratic primary. In the general election, he'll be running against Republican Leslie Nutting, whose name sums it up. 



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