Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dems rock in Rock Springs

Rep. Stan Blake from Rock Springs joins the band for a lively rendition of "Truckin'" at Friday night's reception. The band is The B Sharps. The lead singer said they played for the Republicans a few weeks earlier and we were by far a livelier crowd. Wonder if they played the Dead for the Repubs? Would that be redundant?
I missed it.

I arrived at the state Democratic convention in Rock Springs just a few minutes after Laramie's Pete Gosar stepped down as state party chair and Ana Cuprill of Pinedale took his place. Ana is the state party's first Latina chair! Pete hinted that he has another announcement set for the today. We can only guess what that might be but won't.

While gnoshing at the reception put on by the Sweetwater County Democrats, I ran into two of my fellow writers -- Barb Smith from Rock Springs and Kayne Pyatt from Evanston. Kayne has opened a shop in downtown Evanston called Serendipity and it features "books, antiques and coffee shop." She invited me over for a visit. Don't get to E-ton very often as it's on the opposite end of I-80 from Cheyenne. But it gives me pleasure to know that people are still opening book stores. Go TO Facebook and like Serendipity Books & Antiques on Facebook.

Ran into Mike Ceballos, Dem candidate for superintendent of public instruction. He has his work cut out for him, as does any Dem in WYO. He's assembled a fantastic team though, and he has one great asset -- he's not Cindy Hill, the beleaguered current superintendent who's spent more time in the headlines than in her office. Mike says that he'll be walking the state, which is what you have to do to get elected in our huge state. He keeps meeting people who say they voted for the Dem candidate Mike Massie in 2010. I do too. After the past four years, seems as if everyone (especially Rs) wants to put some distance to their 2010 voting preferences. If all those who said they voted for Massie actually did, how did he lose so badly? Remember, 2010 was the anti-Obama year, when multitudes voted the straight R ticket almost without thinking. What were they thinking? Thinking?

Today we convene for the convention. The hard work is done on Friday when the platform committee met for eight hours to hammer out a working document from those submitted by the county parties. We get to see the fruits of their labor today. Kathy Karpan is the luncheon speaker and activist Delores Huerta speaks at tonight's banquet. More later....

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Phil Noble said...

Thanks for the convention update, Mike. We hope you'll do more. We read your blog frequently and like it very much. -Phil Noble and Lynn Birleffi